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We're Amy & Matt - and we created and run Text Trails UK.  This is us in Croatia a couple of years ago, back in the  days when international travel was normal!

Like most people, we have spent a lot more time exploring the areas surrounding our home over the last few years, and we discovered lots of really special things in Hertfordshire along the way.  We created Text Trails as a way of sharing a few of them with you...

To read our full origin story head over to our blog.

​We believe our Text Trails are perfect for a few fun-filled hours whether you're new to the area or a local - we hope to provide you with an exciting and interesting way to explore, hopefully drawing your eye to some of the smaller details you might normally miss, all whilst solving intriguing clues along the way!  Plus what's more our trails are suitable for all ages and abilities, we have options available specifically for younger children, and they make fantastic family days out, date days, or school reunions. 

If you agree with us and think that there's a certain charm to finding something new (or noticing something for the first time which you've walked past thousands of times!), then roll your sleeves up, pop your detective gear on, and get stuck into a Text Trail.

Good luck, and Happy Trailing!!

Amy & Matt

Creators of Text Trails UK

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