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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still want to know 'What exactly is a Text Trail?'  Got questions about how Text Trails work?    Find out more about mour modern twist on the classic treasure hunt below.

  • How does it work?
    You'll receive text messages with walking directions, and a puzzle to solve. Follow the directions, exploring the area and discover the answer to the question. Submit your answer by texting back, and you'll receive the next set of directions and clue.
  • How many people can take part in a TextTrail?
    It's completely up to you, but we'd recommend 2-6. There's no minimum or maximum.
  • What's in my Welcome Pack? How do I receive it?
    Once you've placed your order you'll get a link to download your Welcome Pack. This will contain all the details you need to know about the day, including information about how you get started. We recommend reading the pack carefully as it might give you some useful tips for the day itself.
  • What do I need?
    Just your phone. Or two phones if you want to compete against each other! No pen, paper, printer, or any specialist equipment required.
  • Can we play in teams?
    Absolutely!! We encourage it! If you want to race against your frineds then you'll need to buy two Trails and each join seperately. We recommend that you start 10-15 minutes apart to avoid the second team being able to follow and gaining an advantage.
  • Does it matter how long you take?
    Yes and no. If you want to be in with a chance of making it onto our leader board, then the faster the better. But if you just want to chill out and take your time then that's completely fine too! No matter how fast or slow you're going, please take care when crossing the road, and when looking for clues make sure you're standing in a safe place.
  • How difficult are the questions?
    The questions are mostly either observational (find xxx) or include a semi-cryptic but very doable puzzle to solve. In the "for kids" trails, the questions are mostly based around colours, numbers, shapes, and simple words. Most clues are comprised of two parts: directions and a question. Aim to follow the directions fully before trying to answer the question.
  • What if we get stuck?
    You get three attempts to guess each question. If you're not sure what the answer should be then keep giving it a go until your three guesses are up, and then we'll send you the next set of directions and question to get you moving.
  • How long will the TextTrail take?
    Each route and group is different - check out our product info pages or leaderboards to give yourself an idea. Realistically a couple of hours (although it depends how good your team are!! 😉).
  • How do we get on the leaderboard?
    The last text message will have a website link. From there you can submit your team name and we'll calculate your time and add it to our leaderboard in a few days.
  • How do I get my second purchase discount code?
    Upon completion of your first Text Trail you will be emailed a 25% off discount code for use against any future purchases.

If you still have any questions or would like to know any more information before booking, then contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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