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St Albans

The St Albans Text Trail is a fun and unique way to discover new parts of the city centre and appreciate the finer details in a way like never before.  Equally suitable for residents of St Albans aswell as visitors to the area - there won't necessarily be a benefit or a disavantage of being local!

St Albans

  • The route covers the main High Street and many of the surrounding areas, allowing you to discover new places and to absorb St Alban's fascinating history in a fun and engaging way.


    Difficulty: Hard

    Length: 2 hours / 3km / 23 questions

    Style: treasure hunt Q&A, all text message based

    Perfect for: all ages - adults and children alike. Children aged 6-10 will be able to complete many of these questions, but will probably need help working out the odd one here or there. Equally, an adult-only group will find this fun and challenging.


    The route does require a good amount of walking (and a couple of hills) so be prepared to be active on your feet!  If you'd rather walk a little less then a shorter option in St Albans is available.

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