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St Albans (on request only)

Please note this is an 'on request' Text Trail, designed for larger groups.  Please make sure you have contacted us via email before taking part so that we can set up your custom group Text Trail around St Albans.

St Albans (on request only)

  • The route covers the main High Street and many of the surrounding areas, allowing you to discover new places and to absorb St Alban's fascinating history in a fun and engaging way.


    Difficulty: Hard

    Length: 2 hours / 3km / 23 questions

    Style: treasure hunt Q&A, all text message based

    Perfect for: large groups of friends who want to compete in multiple Text Trails simultaneously


    The route does require a good amount of walking (and a couple of hills) so be prepared to be active on your feet!

  • Unlike our other trails, you will not automatically be sent a Welcome Pack.  If you plan on unleashing your competitive spirit and having multiple groups taking part in several Text Trails simultaneously you will need to contact us in advance to arrange this for you.

    You can contact us here >


    In the 'Quantity' box above enter the number of groups you would like to compete against each other.


    IMPORTANT: please be aware there are sometimes events running on the grounds of St Albans abbey which may block your access to one clue. If you struggle with "the algebra question" you can use the photo gallery on this product to help you answer it.

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