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Discover Hertfordshire

Exciting days out exploring towns and villages in Hertfordshire, whether with family or friends.

Explore famous towns, discover new places, and appreciate the small details.

How do Text Trails work?

Receive A Clue

Once you've ordered you'll receive a Welcome Pack explaining how to get started and receive your first text

Solve The Puzzle

Follow the directions, exploring the area and discover the answer to the question

Submit Your Answer

Text back the correct answer to the same number to receive the next set of directions & clue!


As you're exploring don't forget to keep your eyes open, looking for small details and new sights

Popular Text Trails

Each of our Text Trails offers a perfect day out for the family - we have a range of routes suitable for all ages and abilities, perfect whether you want to get out of the house, explore the area and discover something new, or just want to challenge your mind!

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Explore Famous St Albans


Hertford Text Trail

Group treasure hunts in Ware, Hertforshire


Each time a customer completes a Text Trail we take a look at their time and add their overall score to our Leaderboard.  If you've taken part in a trail recently, head over to our Leaderboard hub to see what position you finished in!

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8 Reasons Text Trails make the Perfect Family Day Out


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Family Fun for all Ages & Abilities


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